Aspen Lakes begins golf season in midsummer condition

Few feelings are better for a golfer than the confidence that comes from knowing a well-manicured green will hold an exact putting line. Thanks to the hard work of superintendent Josh Knapp and his staff, with a little help from a mild winter and spring, that is exactly the kind of confidence golfers can have at Aspen Lakes.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, we are off to the best early-season condition in recent memory.

“We’re actually WAY ahead of schedule,” Knapp says. “We went into the Central Oregon Shootout last week better than we ever have. A lot of golfers are telling us that we are in as good a shape as we’ve ever been in.”

This is no accident.

Knapp, our longtime assistant superintendent who was promoted last year, has made some changes to the way Aspen Lakes cares for its turf.

Aspen Lakes changed to a liquid fertilizer that Knapp says soaks into the turf better in cooler temperatures. In addition, Knapp has devised a new rolling program that has smoothed the bentgrass greens. And last fall, Knapp instituted a new aerification program that allows the greens to heal faster.

Good weather has also helped. Unseasonably warm weather in January, February and March allowed Knapp and his staff to fertilize months earlier than normal. The warm stretch also helped the team clear the winter debris that inevitably piles up during the colder months far earlier than would be expected.

Where does that put Aspen Lakes?

“I’d say right now our greens, imparticular, they are in July shape,” Knapp says. “We’re on summertime greens right now. Our rough and fairways are coming along. Overall, on average, I would say we are about a month or a month and a half ahead of schedule.”

That is certainly good news, and it is already being noticed from our regular golfers.

“We’re getting pretty good feedback from everybody,” Knapp says.

The best news of all is that those summertime conditions come while Aspen Lakes is still offering its spring rates. Through June 9, a golfer can play 18 holes at Aspen Lakes for as low as $30.

Click here or call 541-549-4653 to book a tee time


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