Glimpse Aspen Lakes Golf Course’s improved conditioning

Hard work really does pay off. Sure, we have all heard the cliche. But sometimes you can see real-life evidence that there is truth to the old saying.

Take Aspen Lakes. For various reasons, some weather related, the conditioning of the golf course was less than ideal last season. For one, the greens rolled considerably slower than what Aspen Lake would consider optimal.

Aspen Lakes took it to heart, apparently. And boy what a difference a year makes. Eighteen holes on a sunny and breezy afternoon is all anyone needs to realize that superintendent Josh Knapp, who was promoted from assistant to head superintendent last fall, and his staff are working wonders already this year.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look from the 17th tee box on a sunny day this week:

Featured image


The 17th is far from alone. Throughout the golf course it is evident that the conditioning of the golf courses is much improved. Notice the lushness and depth of the turf’s color.


Good weather this spring has certainly played an important role. Knapp has also started to use a new fertilizer, which has also helped.

The most significant difference has come on the greens, which were rolling at about a 10 on the Stimpmeter this week with plenty of room left to speed up the greens if necessary. Not too shabby for the first week of May.

A new rolling program has smoothed the bentgrass greens. And a new aerification program creates smaller tines instituted last fall has allowed the greens to heal faster.

The aesthetic result is hard enough to ignore.

2015-05-05 13.52.09

More importantly, the roll is the truest it has been at Aspen Lakes in some time. For instance, this breaking 40-footer on the 10th green held a perfect line. The putt finished just on the edge of the cup, narrowly missing a birdie.

Still so early in the season there is room left to improve even more, but the golf course is well on its way. It all points to a spectacular season at Aspen Lakes.

Through June 9, a golfer can play 18 holes at Aspen Lakes for as low as $30. To book a tee time, call 541-549-GOLF or book online at


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