GolfBoards a breeze to learn at Aspen Lakes

GolfBoards have been a hit so far at Aspen Lakes.
GolfBoards have been a hit so far at Aspen Lakes. The best news is the skateboard-golf cart hybrids are easier to learn than many assume.

A few minutes on the GolfBoards and most are off and riding

A golfer in his late 60s was visiting Aspen Lakes Golf Course for the first time and was fascinated by the GolfBoard his new and unfamiliar playing partner was riding.

Visiting from Northern California, he had never seen a GolfBoard (which are made by a Bend company) before his trip to Central Oregon. And when he first saw the numerous golfers zipping around on GolfBoards outside the clubhouse at Aspen Lakes, which recently expanded its fleet, he was tempted to give one a try. Instead, he assumed that the GolfBoards were too much for him. So he opted for a golf cart.

By the time he paired up with a twosome on the back nine at Aspen Lakes, he was peppering his playing partner with question after question about the unique machines.

“Is it something that is difficult to ride?” he asked. “Is it fun?”

Clearly he was having second thoughts.

Little did he know then that the golfer he was asking had learned to ride a GolfBoard earlier that day. From newbie to expert in just a few minutes. The GolfBoards are truly that easy to ride.

Easy to learn

Aspen Lakes insists that every new rider take a few minutes before their rounds to get acquainted with GolfBoards.

The reason is that a rider simply needs to get familiar with the way GolfBoards operate. The throttle is actually a small lever on the handlebar. And the most difficult aspect is training yourself to guide the board with your feet, leaning from one side or another to angle the board, rather than trying to steer the machine with the handlebars.

Don’t be intimidated, though. It sounds far more challenging than it actually is in practice. Most anyone, young or old, will catch on quick. (Howie Pruitt, Aspen Lakes director of player development, said Monday that a man in his 70s took one for a spin that morning.)

Just how quick can one catch on?

This is what it looks like for a golfer just four holes into his first round on a GolfBoard:

Two holes later? He’s a natural:

Solid footing

The key to GolfBoards is the stability that comes from a low center of gravity, four-wheel drive and traction control.

The GolfBoards top out at 10 miles per hour, a touch slower than the full speed of most golf carts. And more cautious golfers can set the GolfBoards to an even slower setting if he or she chooses.

By the 16th hole and after watching his partner zoom around the fairways of Aspen Lakes, the Northern California man was convinced.

“Those things are really cool,” he said. “I am definitely going to have to give it a try.”

Add another convert to GolfBoards.

The cost to rent a GolfBoard is $25 for 18 holes and $15 for nine holes, in addition to the regular green fee. Aspen Lakes recommends that every golfer who wants to ride a GolfBoardĀ  reserve one when making a tee time in advance.

To book a tee time and reserve a GolfBoard, call 541-549-GOLF or book online at


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