Savvy golfers might find August an ideal time to play Aspen Lakes

The conditions are fantastic and the summer crowds have begun to dissipate at Aspen Lakes.
The conditions are fantastic and the summer crowds have begun to dissipate at Aspen Lakes.

With a little knowledge, golfers can take advantage of slightly smaller crowds on the golf course

Central Oregon golfers might assume that this is the busiest time of the golf season. After all, summer is still here, school is still out and Sisters and the surrounding area continue to call to family vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts.

But here is an insider’s tip: The latter part of August can actually be one of the easiest periods of the golf season to score a premier tee time at Aspen Lakes Golf Course.

Sure, our emerald green turf is still teeming with golfers, but really,  June and September are the busiest months out on the golf course.

“August is a good time to play, because typically it’s a little bit easier to get some prime spots,” said Rob Malone, director of golf at Aspen Lakes. “The golf course is just not as packed with groups.”

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the likely reasons for an August slackening actually make some sense. August tends to be a time for family-oriented vacations. And while Aspen Lakes prides itself on being friendly to families, family time can also mean less time on the course.

Also,  longer midsummer days means more tee times. That means golfers can be spread across the tee sheet.

That can also make playing a full round a breeze.

“It’s not quite as hectic,” Malone said. “You can come out and play at a more relaxed pace at times.”

What could be more inviting for a golfer?

Prime spots

The most in-demand tee times at Aspen Lakes tend to be before 11 a.m., especially on weekends.

But golfers right now might have a bit more luck than normal during morning hours, especially during our limited discounted early bird tee times ($45 before 7 a.m.; $60 between 7 a.m. and 7:50 a.m.).

In July, those early times are tough to get, and for good reason.

“Frankly, those early tee times are one of the better times to go out and play,” Malone said. “Your pace of play is pretty much what you make it. The price is good, the course is gorgeous, and the weather is beautiful.”

Also, the chances of landing a prime spot to take advantage of Aspen Lakes’ popular Monday senior special ($39 after noon, including cart) and Tuesday locals special ($49 after noon, including cart) only increase in August.

One more added benefit: Slightly lighter golf crowds mean a better chance at being able to rent Aspen Lakes’ exceedingly popular GolfBoards for a round. On Aspen Lakes’ busiest days, GolfBoards tend to be snapped up quick.

Busy again

Golf tends to actually ramp up again after labor Day weekend. Larger groups of golfers often travel to Central Oregon. And empty nesters often hit the road once the kids are back in school.

“September can be crazy,” Malone said.

So the savviest of golfers are left with a relatively short window to take advantage. All the more reason to get some rounds in while the course is still in peak condition and the crowds are relatively thin.

“Right now the golf experience is spectacular,” Malone said. “Plus, you have the Brand 33 Restaurant that is open every day, seven days a week. You can come out watch the sunset and enjoy a drink on the patio.”

Click here or call 541-549-4653 to book a tee time


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