Central Oregon Shootout back for another year


More than 160 teams will be competing this weekend at Aspen Lakes, Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest Resort

When the 14th Annual Central Oregon Shootout tees off on Friday one of Aspen Lakes favorite traditions will be back for another year.

Truly, we look forward to this event every year. We always happy to welcome back the many faces we have come to know over the years, and we love to the new faces that we get to meet for the first time.

We are blessed with the Central Oregon Shootout. Once again, we expect a full field of more than 160 teams. And for this, we could not be more grateful.

“You never REALLY know how many golfers will come out,” says Rob Malone, Aspen Lakes’ director of golf. “So hosting a full field again is a wonderful thing.”

Yes, it’s been quite a run.

The Central Oregon Shootout has garnered plenty of headlines over the years, too. Of course, the success of the tournament has been well-chronicled. And Aspen Lakes is proud of its partnership with both Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest Resort.

Looking back, there have been plenty of fun stories, too:

For this year’s returning competitors, not much will be new this year. At Black Butte Ranch, Big Meadow will return to the course rotation, replacing Glaze Meadow.

And the ladies teams will now be competing in a new fifth flight, giving them the chance to go head-to-head with men’s teams of similar handicaps.

Something new this year will be three teams that feature both a man and woman on the time. This is an area where the Central Oregon Shootout would like to expand.

“That’s a field that we want to grow going forward and hopefully make enough to get flights for it,” Malone said.

Every year COSO fields questions about whether or not a true expansion is in the cards, adding a potential fourth course.

Never say never, of course. But at this point, we are happy with where the Central Oregon Shootout stands.

“We’re not maxed out on any given day at any of the courses, yet,” Malone says. “That will really be the driver: Can we continue to take in everybody who wants to take part in the event? If we can’t, then I think we have to take a serious look at it.”

Until then, why mess with a good thing?

We welcome all the Central Oregon Shootout competitors back for another fun year. Good luck!

For questions, call Aspen Lakes at 541-549-4653. And don’t forget to register for the 2017 Central Oregon Shootout.


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