Spring clinics at Aspen Lakes will get your golf game tuned up

golf-787826_1280Three clinics in May taught by Howie Pruitt, Aspen Lakes’ director of player development, will lead to better golf

Golf is a challenging game. It is the primary reason so many of us rush to the emerald-green turf each golf season, hellbent on conquering a game that is truly unconquerable.

For some reason, though, amateur golfers are reluctant to seek help from a PGA golf professional. Howie Pruitt, Aspen Lakes’ director of player development, can help golfers of all skill levels with a series of spring clinics.

“The spring is an ideal time to get help with your golf game,” Pruitt said. “It helps an amateur golfer nip any bad habits in the bud before they ever develop. And early help will propel a player into better golf through the length of the season.”


Getting started in golf can be intimidating, which is exactly why there has been a movement for beginners to Get Golf Ready.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 17, and running on each subsequent Tuesday until June 21, Aspen Lakes and its staff of PGA professionals will teach would-be golfers the fundamentals of the game needed to enjoy golf in six small group sessions. Open to both men and women, the program is designed to get novices confidence and a sense of belonging on the course.

“We’re trying to take the stuffiness and some of the intensity out of golf, and make it more fun,” Pruitt says. “We’re making it easier for people to come out and have some fun.”

Each session runs from 5-6:30 p.m. The cost is just $49 for the entire six-week session.


One of the most significant, albeit most exhilarating, challenges in golf is to take the next step in your game. The Gateway to Golf program was designed to help a golfer make this jump.

Beginning on Thursday, May 19, and running on each subsequent Thursday through June 23, Aspen Lakes and its staff of PGA professionals will help more-experienced golfers get the season off on the right foot. From driving, approach shots, short game, putting, course management, and the most common rules, Aspen Lakes will cover just about everything.

“Whether you want a refresher, if you have recently taken lessons, or simply want to tune-up, your game for the peak of the season, this clinic will lead to better golf,” Pruitt said.

Each session runs from 5-6:30 p.m. The cost is $59 for the entire six-week session.


The difference between a great round and something far worse often comes down to the shots from 100 yards and in. Yet, so many of us spend most of our practice time whacking a driver. Aspen Lakes staff of PGA professionals designed its Short Game School with AimPoint with this in mind.

Held on Friday, May 20, and Friday, June 3, we will spend two 1½-hour sessions working on all aspects of the short game: short approach shots, chipping, pitching, and bunker play. In addition, we will focus on improving your putting using AimPoint, the method that has helped top professionals such as Adam Scott on the greens.

Pruitt is the only AimPoint-certified instructor east of the Cascade Range.

“Working on your short game tends to pay the greatest dividends on the scorecard,” Pruitt says. “The winner of the weekend bet is most often the person with the best short game.”

Each session begins at 4:30 p.m. The cost for two sessions is $150.

For more information on these three clinics, visit Sisters Park & Recreation District. To reserve your spot in one of Pruitt’s May clinics, visit SPRD’s registration page.

To book a tee time call the golf shop 541-549-GOLF, or book a tee time online at www.aspenlakes.com. Private, group lessons, classes and clinics with Pruitt are all available through the Aspen Lakes PGA Learning Center.


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