Wedges do just fine hitting out of Aspen Lakes red bunkers

Test is proof that Aspen Lakes’ bunkers do not harm wedges

So many golfers believe that the red sand of Aspen Lakes’ bunkers, as beautiful as they are, damage a wedge more than more conventional bunkers. The rumor unfortunately has been persistent since Aspen Lakes Golf Course first opened in the late 1990s.

No matter how much we try to diffuse the notion, the misconception remains.

“It’s one of the things that we hear year after year, that our red sand is hard on golf clubs,” said Rob Malone, director of golf at Aspen Lakes. “We want to dispel that old wives tale.”

To do it Malone recently put a brand-new NikeGolf wedge to the test: 10 shots from the bunker with a freshly unwrapped club.

The idea was to give the bunkers a true before-and-after test, and the results were telling.

“On the face, there were no surface marks whatsoever,” Malone said after the test. “There was a little surface scratching on the sole of the club, but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see after taking shots out of any bunker. The bottom line was that there was nothing that would concern me as a player.”

And that is exactly the point.

Aspen Lakes certainly understands that our bunkers are always a topic of conversation. The red bunkers are unique in almost every way, including their striking beauty. We have even made some improvements over the years, including 300 cubic feet of fresh sand last year that gave the sand a softer feel than previous years.

Malone’s test, though, should put any fears to rest.

“Hopefully that will help golfers not worry so much about their golf clubs,” Malone said. “Come out and enjoy the beauty that is Aspen Lakes.”

Aspen Lakes is still under its spring rates, with 18-hole green fees as low as $33.

Call the Aspen Lakes pro shop at 541-549-4653 for more information. To book a tee time call the golf shop or book online.


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