Aspen Lakes’ Community Fun League only growing


Aspen Lakes’ Director of Player Development Howie Pruitt, at right, readies a group of Community Fun League golfers for a marshmallow long-drive contest.

Community Fun League, which throws out the Rules of Golf,
has steadily grown in popularity

The Community Fun League has been a growing curiosity here at Aspen Lakes. More and more questions are being asked around the Pro Shop inquiring about Aspen Lakes’ odd new take on golf, a testament to the word-of-mouth the Fun League has sparked.

There is one truly important question that should always be asked: What makes the Community Fun League, well, so fun?

Perhaps it is the long-drive contest … using a marshmallow. It could be that the league format is so open, that the higher score in a shamble is what ends up being the better score. Or maybe it is the nonchalant and rather loose interpretation of the Rules of Golf.

“Because this is the Fun League, there are no rules,” Howie Pruitt, Aspen Lakes Director of Player Development, said. “It has really been a hoot.”

A golfer addresses the marshmallow.

The Fun League continues to grow: From its infancy last year to at least more than a dozen, and sometimes more, who reliably show up each Wednesday at 5 p.m. for a pressure-free, four-person scramble.

“Howie has being doing a great job with it,” said Rob Malone, Aspen Lakes director of golf. “It’s been growing by an order of magnitude, and it’s been getting more fun.”

The idea was born out of a simple idea: In order for the game to grow, it needs to find more fun ways to introduce the game to new golfers.

That is easier said than done, of course.

But Pruitt created the Community Fun League with the thought if you stripped away many of the formalities of golf and took away the pressure of scorecard, that golfers would respond.

That has proven to be true so far with the Community League. Not only has it attracted relative newcomers, it has also managed to draw more experienced players who would just as soon play for fun, too.

“It is a blast, and it is exactly what the game of golf needs,” Malone said. “I really see a lot of promise with the Fun League, and my hope is that it will continue to grow.”

Community Fun League tournaments are held every Wednesday at 5 p.m., through Aug. 24, which means there is still plenty of time to join and enjoy the rest of the season.

The tournaments are inexpensive, too. The cost is just $20 per player to join a team, and each player pays a reduced green fee of $25 (including cart!). Sign up at Sisters Park and Recreation District.

Call the Aspen Lakes pro shop at 541-549-4653 for more information. To book a tee time call the golf shop or book online.


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